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17 points submitted 4 months agoLaVine/Dunn/Lauri are the clear core, but Valentine I think could end up being a pretty important player on our team people shit talk and disregard his game entirely (some of it is definitely justified) but the dude is a shooter with good basketball IQ. He made improvements to his game thus far and i hope he continues to make them, because i really think he could be good with us, at least in a bench role.Nwaba i also see being a valuable guy to have around (fuck the lakers for getting rid of him, even though i understand why they had to.) dude is a fucking BULLDOG on defense and has a solid game, albeit abysmal shooting from the arc (though hopefully Hoiboi can fix that jimmy up for him.) 20 points submitted 5 months agoLol no way they give up Jabari or Thon, but I agree that I don think they got anything to offer us. I be really intrigued by their first this year since they struggling a bit more than I would have expected and it might land in the mid te

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